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SwimSwam was founded in 2012 by Davis Wuolle, 1992 Olympic Gold Medallist Mel Stewart, Tiffany Stewart, Braden Keith and Garrett McCaffrey.

Since it’s launch in March 2012, has become the web’s most popular swimming site and is a source for news and entertainment for swimmers and swimming fans alike.

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Google News help to distribute SwimSwam content across the web.  Stories from SwimSwam have been featured on the front page of Yahoo! and other widely known sites.

SWordpress-logowimSwam is built on WordPress and makes extensive use of CDN’s to handle the many high-resolutions images served up by the site.  The site currently has over twenty contributors and is viewed tens of thousands of times each day.

Davis Wuolle currently acts as Chief Technology Officer of SwimSwam Partners LLC.