Davis Wuolle

  • NM Real Estate Advisors
  • Baldy Hughes

I’m Davis Wuolle and I engineer, design and develop solutions for some of the world’s greatest brands, people and organizations...
because it’s fun.

Finis Stroke Lab UI

User Interface for Finis video editing tool

Georgia Simmerling Website

A Wordpress site for an Olympic skier

Pacific Horizon Consulting Website

Product showcase Wordpress site

NM Real Estate Advisors Website

Website design and development for a real estate consulting firm


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I'm currently in Hartford, Connecticut. Here's how you can track me down...

Call or SMS:     510-747-9001

Find me on Facebook:     TheThunderbird

Follow me on Twitter:     The_Thunderbird

Send me an Email:     davis (at) wuolle.com

Brands I Work With

NGFarrell Marketing UBC SwimSwam Aasith Finis See all brands I work with...